A bit about Betsy

For over 18 years, Betsy Mailler, Certified Seimei Practitioner, has helped literally thousands of people enjoy immediate relief from countless conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic neck and back pain, headaches, fast recovery from accidents and surgery, and emotional/physical trauma. Betsy has trained extensively with top Directors in Japan, and Nicola Bertolo, International Director for the Seimei Foundation here in the USA. A nationally insured and certified practitioner since 1998,  an instructor and a member of the board for The Seimei Foundation in Basking Ridge, NJ. Returning to her birthplace in Western Mass, she is looking forward to expanding her practice and sharing Seimei's many gifts.

Betsy offers palliative and hospice care, easing discomfort and offering emotional and physical support for ones end stage of life. 

She also extends her practice to family pets-large and small.


Insured by Associated Bodywork and Massage            Professionals. 

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