Contact Betsy for an in-person session at:          Pure Yoga and Wellness Studio
                                                                                10C Elm Street
                                                                              South Deerfield, MA

                                                                                  ATMA Center
                                                                              199 Oakwood Ave
                                                                              West Hartford, CT

When distance prohibits one from experiencing Seimei, call for a long distance session. Sessions are highly effective, close contact by phone is necessary. 

Sessions are typically 45 minutes in duration. Call for availability of times convenient for you.

Contact Betsy today to start feeling better right away.

What time of the day is best to reach you?

Thanks for your time we will get back to you at our first availability.

I understand that I am going to experience a Seimei session with Betsy.  Betsy does not diagnose, provide advise, or make recommendations regarding health and that Seimei is not a substitute for sound medical advise.  I release Betsy Mailler from any and all liability relating to my Seimei session and/or demonstration.  If I have fantastic results, I may choose to share the results to be published on her website with your permission.

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