F A Q's

What is Seimei?

Seimei means vital force, and is the unseen part of ourselves that actually exists.  Once awakened, it is a powerful, highly intelligent aspect of ourselves. There are many names for Seimei-ones higher self, Chi. life force, soul, etc. Primarily one uses their Seimei for loved ones, friends, pets or integrated into a current practice including massage and physical therapists. Seimei originated in Japan, can be learned by everyone and get amazing results.

I just experienced Seimei.  Will my pain come back?

If it is acute pain (recent), then most likely it will not.  If it is a chronic condition, a series of sessions may be necessary to relieve pain long term.

What can I expect over the next few day's?

If you have a chronic condition, you may notice changes in the quality and nature of your pain.  All changes are good. For best results with a chronic condition, Betsy suggests sessions twice a week, minimum once a week. We are now introducing the amazing MaNi Power Seals for public use. For the best outcome for long term conditions, experience a session with Betsy at The Seimei Foundation in Morristown, NJ or in Santa Fe, NM. See what the buzz is all about!


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