Seimei, pronounced say-may, is a Japanese Art form with unlimited applications or ways to experience this incredible power that exists within you. Seimei has many names-higher self, chi, MaNi, or soul. Primarily used by practitioners for relief of acute or chronic conditions and Palliative/Hospice care. Seimei can overcome obstacles in your life right now! 

Seimei is one's awakened vital force, a part of ourselves that is unseen but actually exists. When awakened and in motion, it has the natural characteristic to indirectly and positively influence physical reality. One way it can be used is as a powerful method to relieve pain/discomfort and improve the health and vitality in both the recipient and practitioner. During a session, one always experiences a positive outcome.

As one uses and integrates this power of Seimei, it becomes an exciting and fun ability to facilitate and enhance positive change in all aspects of ones life. Pain/stress/discomfort relief is an introduction to the many actions, or powers of Seimei. There are 10 Levels in Seimei, with many of Japans top Directors at the higher levels including our Lead Instructor and International Director Nicola Bertolo.

Practitioners are uniquely able to find the origin of discomfort within the body, and activate the stagnant or low functioning systems. It is an amazing communication between the practitioners and the client's Seimei. After a session, the body integrates the session and continues positive changes for up to 3 days. The  more chronic the condition, the shorter the duration. Seimei sessions are accumulative, and like an onion you peel away the layers as you get to core issues.

Many people are searching for holistic methods to complement their current health practices. Due to rising health care costs and pharmaceutical drugs that are known to have adverse side effects, more people are hearing about Seimei due to the results they experience. For Seimei practitioners, we take responsibility for our health and over time have overcome serious conditions by using our Seimei. We also integrate many other modalities, but can use our Seimei to discern what is needed at this time for a particular issue. That saves money and time! 

The Seimei Foundation offers continuing support in a unique environment that Japan provides for its members at locations in Morristown, NJ and Santa Fe. (And New England as interest and students grow). The Foundation offers many types of support, from special Matama baths one can do in the privacy of their homes, powerful Seimei sessions at the Foundation with Nicola Bertolo, continuing Ed including practical and theory updated from Japan, and introducing the Gift of MaNi Seals. MaNi Seals are offered though Betsy's workshops and events at The Seimei Foundation so one can experience just how amazing and useful they are.

Seimei is a non-invasive, results—oriented spiritual science that delivers a positive, immediate outcome. It complements traditional and alternative health care. Seimei targets the origin of the problem and affects positive change on many levels-physical, emotional and spiritual.

For those who want to explore their inherent Buddha Nature/Seimei, this unseen powerful aspect of ourselves, The Seimei Foundation facilitates trips to Houjyushu Houjyukai in Saga, Japan. It's advised to experience sessions and visit The Seimei Foundation with Betsy if your contemplating this amazing, life altering journey. 

For future classes in New England, week-end intensives will be held four times a year to attain a Level 3.  Betsy is happy to answer any questions either by phone or email.

    Seimei is recognized by Associated Bodywork and

 Massage Professionals (ABMP) as an alternative therapy.


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